Top Outdoor Attractions In Tennessee

Tennessee is perhaps the most varied state in the US. Whether you are a history buff, nature lover, or simply looking to explore the most vibrant cities the US has to offer, this state has it all. However, it is the variety of natural attractions that set the state apart from the rest.

Read on below to find out some of the nature oriented attractions in the state of Tennessee that will blow your mind.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This park prides itself of being the most visited in the USA. The park, which is home to the highest mountains this side of the Rockies, is located right on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. Visitors will find hundreds of miles of interesting hiking trails, the most scenic drive routes, and a great mix of flora and fauna.

Shelby Farms

Another must visit attraction in Tennessee; Shelby Farms is ranked as the largest park located in an urban setting within the United States. Just to give you an idea of how large this park is, it is home to sprawling grass lawns, around twenty water bodies, twenty miles of trails and an expansive woodland discovery playground. Visitors get the opportunity to take part in a variety of things to do including hiking, fishing and even horseback riding.

Knoxville Zoo

A recognized member of the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums), the Knoxville Zoo is the perfect place to have a fun time out with kids and family. The zoo is home to over eight hundred different animals held in the expansive 53 acre space. There are also dedicated exhibits especially meant to capture the imagination of young kids.

Tennessee Aquarium

Also a member of the AZA, the Tennessee Aquarium is home to a huge collection of animal exhibits that make up the world’s largest freshwater aquarium. The exhibits in the aquarium are displayed in accordance to the River Journey theme, which follows the path from the Great Smoky Mountains down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Ruby Falls

This awe inspiring waterfall is located in Chattanooga, right below Lookout Mountain. The most intriguing fact about this waterfall is that it lies about 145 feet below the surface of the earth. This makes it the deepest lying waterfall in the US, which is also open to the public.

Visiting the above locations will definitely give you the best opportunity to experience, in part, the best of the Tennessee outdoors.

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